Africa CDC Director Calls On Continent To Invest In Human Capital In COVID-19 Response; Duterte Employs Drug War Tactics In Coronavirus Mitigation; Yemen Health Care System Collapses Amid Pandemic, Cholera; U.S. National Security Adviser Tests Positive


Al Jazeera: Morocco bans travel to and from major cities to curb coronavirus (7/27).

BBC News: Coronavirus: How fast is it spreading in Africa? (Mwai/Giles, 7/27).

PRI: Africa must invest ‘in human capital’ to fight the coronavirus, says Africa CDC director (7/27).


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New York Times: Boris Johnson’s New Tactic Against the Virus: Urge Britons to Lose Weight (Schaverien, 7/27).

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Wall Street Journal: In Nicaragua, Doctors Who Spoke Up About Covid-19 Also Lost Their Jobs (de Córdoba, 7/27).


The BMJ: Covid-19: Deaths in Yemen are five times global average as healthcare collapses (Looi, 7/27).

The Guardian: Agencies fear hidden cholera deaths in Yemen as Covid-19 overwhelms clinics (Beaumont, 7/28).

Xinhua: WHO warns of increase in COVID-19 infections in Iraq during Eid al-Adha holiday (7/27).


CNN: Senate GOP candidates attacked Obama over Ebola but defend Trump on coronavirus pandemic (Raju/Rogers, 7/27).

The Hill: Death toll rises 55 percent for most of Mexico amid outbreak, officials say (Budryk, 7/27).

Los Angeles Times: Trump’s national security adviser tests positive for COVID-19 (Bierman/Megerian, 7/27).

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