World Leaders Should Think Beyond Financing To Ensure Health Systems Address Needs Of All Communities

The Guardian: Investing in health is not cheap, but it is not a luxury either
Sara Bennett, chair of Health Systems Global, and Edward Kelley, co-chair of the quality in universal health and health care thematic working group of Health Systems Global

“…[T]he biggest challenge of all is not just how to finance care, but how to organize and deliver quality health services for all communities. … [F]or accelerated action, we need political commitment, money, and better knowledge. … We urge those meeting in Geneva [for the World Health Assembly] and Ise-Shima [for the G7] this week to tackle these global health challenges by thinking beyond financing, and asking how can we organize and deliver quality health services to all communities. By making health systems more resilient, we will also be able to respond more quickly and effectively to new disease outbreaks, and other future health emergencies” (5/25).