World Bank Officials Discuss Importance Of Quality Health Care In Efforts To Achieve UHC

World Economic Forum: Poor quality is healthcare’s silent killer. Here’s what we can do about it
In this post, Gabriel Goldschmidt, director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Muhammad Ali Pate, global director of Health Nutrition and Population and director of the Global Financing Facility at the World Bank Group, discuss the challenge of quality health care access within the context of universal health coverage. The authors describe several World Bank Group initiatives to improve and assess health care, writing, “As we head down the path of UHC, we at the World Bank Group believe that now, more than ever, we must translate this commitment to concrete actions and place the issue of quality at the front and centre of our efforts. … We look forward to rolling out the World Bank Group’s system-wide quality tool … globally. Embedding quality in health systems will save lives and improve the health we purchase with money spent in healthcare” (11/25).