Work To Stop Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission ‘In 2014 And Beyond’

Huffington Post: Reaching the Tipping Point on Pediatric AIDS
Chip Lyons, president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

“Through the leadership of Nelson Mandela and others, and the actions of countless individuals, South Africa reached a tipping point at which freedom, which once seemed impossible, became inevitable. In 2013 we saw our own ‘tipping’ point with regard to the AIDS pandemic — and real progress around a global plan to end pediatric AIDS — bringing us closer each day to a world where no child has AIDS. … We need to step up efforts to provide treatment for HIV-positive mothers and HIV-exposed children. We need to use the successes of 2013 to build a platform for continued momentum in 2014 and beyond…” (12/26).