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Women In Global Health Senior Fellow Discusses Importance Of Gender Equality In Design, Delivery Of UHC

Women In Global Health: Universal Health Coverage: Getting Women to the Decision-Making Table
Ann Keeling, senior fellow at Women in Global Health, discusses the importance of gender parity in global health leadership, writing, “Universal health coverage, and the quality of care and health systems will only be strong when the women who run them have an equal say in the design of national health plans, policies, and systems.” Keeling also highlights three key messages for UHC: “The design and delivery of strong Universal Health Coverage rests on bringing everyone, everywhere to the decision-making table from local to global … Serious investment is needed now in the female health workforce for the delivery of Universal Health Coverage and decent work for women … The delivery and sustainability of Universal Health Coverage requires recognition that the global health system rests on a fragile foundation of unpaid health and social care work by women and girls, which must be reduced and redistributed” (12/9).