Wilson Center Experts Discuss U.S. Stance On Global Water Scarcity, Threats To National Security

Council on Foreign Relations’ “Strength Through Peace/Center for Preventive Action”: Who Controls the Tap? Addressing Water Security in Asia
In this guest post, Sherri Goodman, senior fellow for the Environmental Change and Security Program and the Polar Initiative at the Wilson Center, and Zoe Dutton, intern at the Wilson Center, write, “Growing global water scarcity threatens U.S. national security by undermining peace and stability around the world. Increased competition for water resources raises the stakes in regional power struggles, yet the United States’ lackluster support for allies’ water security points to a failure to comprehend this danger. Nowhere is the dynamic more apparent than in the absence of a U.S. response to China’s encroachment on Asia’s rivers…” (Stares, 10/10).