WHO Urges Pakistan Return To Lockdown As Hospitals Overwhelmed; PAHO Warns Of Coinciding Hurricane Season, Pandemic; Nigerian Doctors Strike As COVID-19 Deaths Rise; Trump Administration Silent On Pandemic


BBC: Coronavirus: John Magufuli declares Tanzania free of Covid-19 (6/8).

The Guardian: Nigeria to cut healthcare spending by 40% despite coronavirus cases climbing (Akinwotu, 6/10).

Reuters: Ghana’s Incas Diagnostics expects approval for COVID-19 antibody test (Akorlie, 6/10).

Reuters: Battling Somalia’s epidemic, a grieving British doctor finds peace (Sheikh/Houreld, 6/10).

The Telegraph: Hundreds of coronavirus deaths confirmed in Nigeria, as doctors go on strike (Brown, 6/9).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Coronavirus threatens Kenya goal to end female genital mutilation by 2022 (Bhalla, 6/9).

U.N. News: Conflict-hit Nigerian families living under COVID-19 lockdowns, on ‘life-support’ (6/9).


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Devex: As COVID-19 deaths rise in Cox’s Bazar, is increased testing enough? (Ravelo, 6/10).

The Guardian: Global report: WHO urges Pakistan to return to lockdown as hospitals struggle (Sullivan, 6/10).

New York Times: For Indian Women, the Coronavirus Economy Is a Devastating Setback (Schultz et al., 6/9).

Reuters: Singapore approves remdesivir drug for emergency COVID-19 treatment (Aravindan/Geddie, 6/10).


The Hill: Masks to be mandatory in Spain until coronavirus is defeated, health minister says (Moreno, 6/9).

Reuters: Europe wants to make its own drugs, but it needs American blood plasma (Guarascio, 6/8).

Wall Street Journal: Moscow, Center of Russia’s Coronavirus Crisis, Emerges From Lockdown (Simmons, 6/9).


Devex: PAHO warns of hurricane, COVID-19 collision (Welsh, 6/9).

Reuters: WHO Americas director concerned about pandemic surging in new Latin America regions (Spring/Barrera, 6/9).

Washington Post: Brazil’s favelas, neglected by the government, organize their own coronavirus fight (Lopes, 6/10).


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POLITICO: White House goes quiet on coronavirus as outbreak spikes again across the U.S. (Diamond, 6/10).

POLITICO: In absence of federal action, farm workers’ coronavirus cases spike (Crampton, 6/9).