WHO Urges Countries To Prioritize Vector-Borne Diseases

News outlets discuss the WHO’s call on World Health Day, April 7, for better protection against vector-borne diseases.

Deutsche Welle: Small bite, big danger: vector-borne disease
“If things go the way the World Health Organization wants, no one will die from a mosquito or tick bite in the 21st century. The WHO has ‘declared war’ on so-called vector-borne illnesses…” (Witte, 4/7).

U.N. News Centre: World Heath Day: U.N. urges countries to prioritize combat against vector-borne diseases
“Warning that a ‘small bite can carry a big threat,’ the United Nations family is marking World Health Day by urging the international community to back a global health agenda that gives higher priority to controlling the spread of vector-borne diseases, a step towards ensuring that no one in the 21st century would die from the bite of a mosquito or a tick…” (4/7).