COVID-19 Pandemic Not Seasonal But ‘One Big Wave,’ WHO Says, Urging More Measures To Mitigate Spread As Some Reopened Countries Witness Rise In Cases

Reuters: WHO says COVID-19 pandemic is ‘one big wave,’ not seasonal
“A World Health Organization official on Tuesday described the COVID-19 pandemic as ‘one big wave’ and warned against complacency in the northern hemisphere summer since the infection does not share influenza’s tendency to follow seasons…” (Farge, 7/28).

U.N. News: COVID-19 is not just seasonal, cautions WHO, as ‘first wave’ continues
“The COVID-19 virus is likely not impacted by the changing seasons like other respiratory diseases, the U.N. health agency said on Tuesday, before urging much greater respect for physical distancing measures to stop it spreading…” (7/28).

Washington Post: Coronavirus makes a comeback around the world
“An unforeseen summer surge of coronavirus cases in countries that had seemingly quelled their outbreaks is helping to drive the unrelenting growth of the global pandemic, undercutting predictions that a ‘second wave’ would not occur until the fall. Japan, Israel, Lebanon, and Hong Kong are among dozens of places reporting record numbers of new cases in recent days, many weeks after they had crushed the curve of infections, reopened their economies, and moved on. And in some countries that had brought numbers down, notably in Europe, the reopening of borders, bars, and nightclubs is being blamed for a small but noticeable increase in cases…” (Sly et al., 7/29).