WHO, International Community Must Not Become Complacent Against Ebola, Other Disease Threats

New York Times: Nearing Triumph Over Ebola
Editorial Board

“…For the moment, … largely ending the transmission of a disease for which there was no vaccine and no effective treatment when the [Ebola] epidemic was detected in March 2014 was a major triumph. … Stopping the Ebola virus, despite the late start and the huge challenge of working in countries with woefully poor health systems, was an example of what the world can do once it acknowledges an emergency and provides the resources needed to save lives. The entire experience is also a clear warning of the need for significantly better preparations and procedures next time” (12/30).

Toronto Star: Don’t forget hard-won lessons in victory over Ebola: Editorial
Editorial Board

“…[The WHO’s declaration of the end of Ebola transmission in Guinea] is no cause for complacency. On the contrary, the epidemic’s up-and-down history illustrates the importance of maintaining an aggressive response to Ebola. … [The] WHO has announced that Guinea is now entering a 90-day period of ‘heightened surveillance’ to ensure any new ‘flares’ of the virus are quickly identified before spreading to other people. … That commitment marks a welcome shift from [the] WHO’s unsatisfactory response in the early stages of this epidemic, signaling that much has been learned from past failures. … Lessons learned over the past two years must not be forgotten. With any luck, these insights could spare the world from having to endure another disaster caused by this horrific virus” (12/29).