WHO Committee Does Not Declare MERS Emergency, Calls On Governments To Better Follow Agency’s Advice On Disease

News outlets report on a statement by the WHO’s IHR Emergency Committee on MERS.

CIDRAP News: Panel says no MERS emergency amid rising concerns
“An emergency committee set up to advise the World Health Organization (WHO) about steps needed to address MERS-CoV held off again on declaring a global public health emergency but raised major concerns about Saudi Arabia’s efforts to control the threat…” (Schnirring, 9/3).

Reuters: Governments are not following advice on MERS, experts warn
“…The WHO’s emergency committee, which meets regularly to consider the international response to the disease, said in a statement that its advice had not been completely followed and some countries were not doing their duty to report all cases to the WHO…” (Miles, 9/3).