West Africa’s Post-Ebola Rebuilding Requires Support From International Community

Washington Post: Rebuilding after Ebola will require the world’s help
Editorial Board

“The ravaging of populations in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea by the Ebola virus over the past year has been devastating. The virus killed 10,702 people and left behind vast economic and emotional tolls. The rest of the world responded slowly to the outbreak but eventually rallied. Now it is time to do the same with the aftermath and extend a hand for rebuilding. … One of the most profound lessons of the Ebola disaster is that, in addition to the need for treatment centers and provisions, an outbreak is a crisis of human behavior. Fear can unleash irrational and dangerous actions that only spread the illness. It is essential to build trust with people affected. … [L]essons must be learned and learned well, because there will be a next time” (4/17).