Africa Prepares For Introduction Of Coronavirus; Quartz Africa Discusses Applications Of Lessons From West African Ebola Outbreak

Lancet: Africa prepares for coronavirus
“With cases of novel coronavirus spreading worldwide, governments and institutions are getting ready for the first cases in Africa. Munyaradzi Makoni reports from Cape Town…” (Makoni, 2/15).

Quartz Africa: The lessons of West Africa’s Ebola’s crisis will save the continent from the worst of coronavirus
“The Ebola outbreak across West Africa between 2013 and 2014 was devastating taking more than 11,000 lives in three countries. … As African countries appear at risk of another viral outbreak with COVID-19 (as the particular coronavirus strain in China is now known), effective containment this time around will likely require more than valiant heroics. The World Health Organization and other regional and country public health experts are very worried the ‘fragile’ health systems in most African countries will be unable to cope if coronavirus takes hold on the continent. Even China with its larger pool of technical and financial resources, appears to be struggling to contain the virus…” (Kazeem, 2/13).