War-Torn Yemen Faces Worsening Food Crisis, Cholera Outbreak, U.N. Agencies Say

Associated Press: WFP warns of increasing hunger in war-torn Yemen
“The World Food Programme has warned of a worsening food crisis in war-wracked Yemen, saying the 19-month conflict has increased hunger and malnutrition…” (10/26).

CNN: Yemen food crisis leaves millions at risk of starving
“…As the food crisis grows worse for … Yemenis, the U.N. World Food Programme fears the devastating toll that hunger could have on the war-torn country. The organization said it has provided food for more than three million people each month since February but is beginning to struggle. It has split these rations so it can reach six million people every month, but resources are beginning to run out…” (Masters, 10/28).

Reuters: Yemen’s suspected cholera cases soar to 1,410 within weeks: WHO
“The number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has ballooned to 1,410 within three weeks of the outbreak being declared, the World Health Organization said on Friday, as 18 months of war has destroyed most health facilities and clean water supplies…” (Miles/Nebehay, 10/28).