Wall Street Journal Examines Theft, Black-Market Sale Of Malaria Drugs In Africa

“U.S. investigators are leading a probe into the widespread theft and black-market resale of malaria drugs donated to Africa by the U.S. government,” the Wall Street Journal reports. The newspaper examines how “[o]rganized theft is plaguing the multibillion-dollar aid effort, according to people familiar with the investigation, raising questions about the supervision of donations in corruption-ridden nations,” and notes “the effort has been partly hijacked by organized networks that steal large quantities of donated malaria drugs and ship them from East to West Africa, where they end up for sale at street markets, according to people familiar with the U.S. investigation” (Faucon/Bariyo/Whalen, 11/11). The article is accompanied by a video report from the Wall Street Journal’s “The Foreign Bureau” (11/11).