Wall Street Journal Examines Current Plague Outbreak In Madagascar, Worst In 50 Years

Wall Street Journal: Madagascar Wrestles With Worst Outbreak of Plague in Half a Century
“…Madagascar, the tropical island nation off Africa’s southeast coast, is scrambling to contain its worst outbreak of plague in at least 50 years. The country’s health ministry reported 2,119 probable cases from Aug. 1 to Nov. 10, including 171 deaths. … [The plague] has struck some of the islands’ nonendemic areas and densely populated cities for the first time. The vast majority of the cases have been pneumonic plague, which is the most virulent form of the bacterial disease and can quickly and easily spread from one person to another through droplets in the air…” (Wexler/Antoy, 11/16).

Wall Street Journal: Q&A: Madagascar’s New Plague Crisis
“Madagascar has had its worst outbreak of plague in at least a half-century this year, with more than 2,000 cases reported and more than 170 deaths. Here are some facts about this highly infectious disease…” (McKay, 11/16).