Violence Continues To Hinder DRC Ebola Response; Survivor Falls Ill 2nd Time, Officials Say, Unsure Of Reinfection Or Relapse

CIDRAP News: More Ebola cases noted as conflict still hinders response
“Two more Ebola infections were reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) [Friday], with the World Health Organization (WHO) detailing some of effects that attacks and insecurity have had on the response in recent weeks and a key response group pulling staff out of one health zone…” (Schnirring, 12/6).

Reuters: Congo authorities say Ebola survivor falls ill a second time
“An Ebola survivor has fallen ill with the disease for a second time in eastern Congo, the Congolese health authorities said on Sunday, saying it was not yet clear if it was a case of relapse or reinfection. … There have been no documented cases of reinfection but some researchers consider it to be at least a theoretical possibility, while the recurrence of a previous infection is considered extremely rare…” (Mahamba/Holland, 12/8).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and related stories is available from AFP, New Humanitarian, and NPR.