As DRC Ebola Outbreak Nears Official End, Measles Epidemic Continues To Spread In Country, Worldwide

Al Jazeera: Measles: In Ebola’s shadow, a quiet killer is on a rampage in DRC
“…Since the start of 2019, the DRC’s measles epidemic has infected more than 341,000 people and killed some 6,400, taking almost three times as many lives as Ebola over the same period…” (Murray, 4/7).

New Humanitarian: Briefing: As Congo’s Ebola epidemic draws to a close, coronavirus concerns and relapse risks
“The Democratic Republic of Congo’s deadliest ever Ebola outbreak appears to be drawing to a close, but aid groups have cautioned against scaling down response efforts too quickly amid concerns of survivors relapsing, the infection living on in body fluids, and a growing number of COVID-19 cases spreading across the country…” (Kleinfeld, 4/7).

Additional coverage of increasing numbers of measles-related deaths worldwide is available from Nature.