USAID Administrator Provides Statement On Gavi’s Mid-Term Review

USAID: Statement by USAID Administrator Mark Green on the Mid-Term Review of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
In a statement congratulating Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on progress highlighted in its Mid-Term Review, USAID Administrator Mark Green says, “Gavi contributes directly to USAID’s goals to prevent child and maternal deaths, protect communities from infectious diseases, and to support countries on their Journey to Self-Reliance. … Sustainability and self-reliance are central to Gavi’s model, which employs a unique policy that requires all countries to pay a share of their vaccine costs, and to take on a greater share as their economies grow. We are proud to continue to work with Gavi and support efforts in achieving its 2020 targets to immunize 300 million additional children, transition 20 countries to full self-financing, and save upwards of six million lives” (12/10).