USAID Administrator Mark Green Discusses U.S. Foreign Aid Framework, Rationale At UNGA Side Event

Quartz: The U.S. is ranking which countries are most and least deserving of aid
“…[USAID officials] have been working for months on a proprietary internal algorithm that will evaluate needy countries’ ability to wean themselves off foreign aid, based on the strength of their government, civil society, economy, and political commitment. The U.S. will make funding decisions based in part on how a country fares on this ranking, part of a push to help foreign-aid recipients on their ‘journey to self-reliance.’ Mark Green, the Trump-appointed USAID administrator and a former Republican congressman from Wisconsin, laid out the framework and its rationale at a conference running parallel to the UNGA in New York [on September 25]…” (Timmons, 9/26).