USAID Administrator Green Calls On Saudi Coalition To Open Access To Yemen’s Ports, Announces Additional U.S. Aid; Disease Outbreaks Worsen Amid Crisis

Al Jazeera: Dengue fever, malaria worsen Yemen humanitarian crisis
“A senior U.N. official has called for parties involved in the war in Yemen to allow ‘sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access’ for the millions of Yemenis facing famine and battling disease. The situation is steadily deteriorating, with cases of malaria, dengue fever, and diphtheria starting to appear in health centers around the country…” (Jamjoom, 12/12).

Reuters: U.S. aid chief says no sign Yemen port blockade easing to allow aid in
“…USAID Administrator Mark Green called on the Saudi-led military coalition to open Yemen’s ports and for Yemen’s Houthis to cease firing to allow food and medical supplies to flow to tens of thousands of Yemenis caught in the fighting. Green was speaking after the U.S. announced another $130 million in emergency food aid for Yemen, bringing U.S. assistance to nearly $768 million since October 2016. The new funds includes nearly $84 million in U.S. food aid and $46 million in emergency disaster assistance…” (Wroughton, 12/12).