Urgent Action Needed To Address Drug-Resistant Malaria In Southeast Asia, Researchers Warn

Financial Times: Malaria superbugs threaten global health disaster
“Drug-resistant malaria superbugs threaten a global public health disaster unless urgent action is taken to fight their spread in Southeast Asia, authors of new research have warned. The mosquito-borne uber-parasites have taken hold in parts of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia and could sweep into India and on to Africa where most malaria deaths occur, their results suggest…” (Peel, 2/1).

Reuters: Malaria superbugs threaten global malaria control, scientists say
“… ‘We are losing a dangerous race to eliminate artemisinin-resistant … malaria before widespread resistance to the partner antimalarials makes that impossible,’ said Nicholas White, a professor at Oxford University in Britain and Mahidol University in Thailand who co-led the research…” (Kelland, 2/1).