Unitaid Senior Adviser Discusses Organization’s Efforts To Integrate Global Health Approach In Devex Interview

Devex: Q&A: Unitaid looks to break down silos for better global health
“The global health community is increasingly moving away from a siloed approach — favored in the height of the battle against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria — toward a more integrated methodology in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals. Unitaid … is one of the actors leading this paradigm shift alongside innovators from the private sector, governments, and donors. … Sanne Fournier-Wendes, senior adviser to Unitaid’s executive director, explained to Devex how the organization is engaging with the private sector to push forward an integrated approach to global health; what their strategies are to help vital innovations overcome market barriers; and why public-private partnerships are set to play a crucial role in the global health response going forward…” (Pallares, 6/11).