Devex Launches ‘Future Of Health Partnerships’ News Section Exploring Public-Private Partnerships

Devex: Future of Health Partnerships
In an email, the news outlet writes, “Today, Devex is launching Focus on: Future of Health Partnerships, a news section dedicated to exploring a new way forward. … We’ll be exploring public-private partnerships (such as one in Ghana aimed at bringing third-generation insecticides to fight malaria) and modern financing mechanisms (including Unitaid’s work engaging with the private sector on fever management in children.) We’ll go in-depth on a development impact bond in Cameroon aimed at providing thousands of cataract surgeries — and we’ll tell you more about that birthing mat that helps save women’s lives. Our goal is to better understand what’s working — and what’s not — in private sector innovations in health at the local, national, and global level…” (7/10).