Ugandan Activists Petition Anti-Gay Law In Court

News outlets report on the continued controversy surrounding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law.

Reuters: Ugandans petition court over controversial anti-homosexuality law
“Ugandans opposed to a new anti-homosexuality law that punishes gay sex with long jail sentences have filed a constitutional petition alleging that the law violates fundamental rights. The Anti-Homosexuality Act metes out jail terms of up to life for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ while ‘aiding and abetting homosexuality’ is punishable by seven-year prison sentences. Some Western donors have cut aid to Uganda in protest…” (Biryabarema, 3/11).

Associated Press: Ugandan activists challenge anti-gay law in court
“Rights activists on Tuesday petitioned Uganda’s Constitutional Court to challenge the validity of an anti-gay measure that allows severe penalties against homosexuality…” (Muhumuza, 3/11).