U.S. Should Support Gavi With $250M Annually Over Next 4 Years

The Missoulian: Urge U.S. leaders to support Gavi
Carla Mettling, co-chair of the Missoula chapter of RESULTS

“…[T]he work of multilateral aid groups gives hope in this dismal picture [of acute and ongoing health emergencies]. One such is Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which vaccinates children against the major childhood killers — measles, rotavirus diarrhea, pneumonia — and helps countries build up their health systems in order to do so. … U.S. leadership has always been central to Gavi’s success. We are a founding partner and its fourth-largest donor. Gavi is now in the midst of trying to raise $7.5 billion to pay for vaccinating 300 million additional children around the world, which would save the lives of five million to six million of them. The U.S. can do its part by pledging $250 million per year for the next four years…” (11/10).