U.S. Should Invest Foreign Assistance In Smaller, More Focused, ‘Relationship-Rich’ NGOs

Devex: Opinion: The U.S. needs to invest foreign aid dollars in smaller NGOs
John Lyon, president and CEO of World Hope International

“…With a smaller budget, government spending overseas must be much more focused across aid organizations. The current model that primarily turns over U.S. foreign assistance funding to only a few large organizations misses the mark. … Federal funding needs to move beyond its exclusivity with large NGOs and instead include small and medium-sized, relationship-rich organizations that have traditionally not been funded. … [W]hile governments and large nonprofits have roles in providing foreign assistance, it is actually the small to medium-sized development organizations that most effectively mobilize change through their local relationships. … As such, I implore our lawmakers and our president to rethink not only how much the U.S. will fund overseas, but how those funds will be allocated” (8/29).