U.S. President Trump Must Speak Out, Take Action On Rohingya Crisis

Washington Post: Trump needs to say something — and do something — about the assault on the Rohingya
Editorial Board

“The biggest and most ruthless campaign of ethnic cleansing the world has seen in years continues unabated in Burma. … After weeks of hesitation, the United States has finally begun to act against this staggering crime. … [H]owever, [it] is not enough. … [The Obama administration] lavished attention on [Burma] and lifted long-standing sanctions after it held a democratic election. It’s now clear that those who questioned whether President Barack Obama acted prematurely in removing the remaining sanctions before leaving office were correct. President Trump, who seems to take a visceral pleasure in reversing Mr. Obama’s legacies, would be right to do so in this case. … Mr. Trump has yet to speak out about the assault on the Rohingya, though it is the most serious human rights crisis to occur so far in his presidency. His upcoming visit to Asia, during which he will attend a summit of Southeast Asian nations that includes Burma, provides him an opportunity to show he will not ignore crimes against humanity” (10/29).