U.S. Pledge To Replenish Global Fund Critical To National, Global Security

The Register-Guard: Replenish Global Fund
Editorial Board

“…The United States should be foremost among [donors], pledging to continue providing one-third of the [Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s] … budget through 2020. … But as with other foreign aid programs, a strong element of self-interest also justifies the United States’ contribution. Countries that are ravaged by disease become impoverished, unstable, and vulnerable to extremism. Central goals of U.S. foreign policy, ranging from trade promotion to anti-terrorism, are served by effective efforts to combat deadly diseases. There’s also the fact that diseases do not respect national borders. … One good way to fight AIDS, malaria, and TB at home is to fight them abroad. One day … it will be possible to declare victory over AIDS, malaria, and TB. That will be a proud moment for the people of any nation that plays a leading role in that achievement. The United States deserves credit for what it has done so far. Now is not the time to turn away…” (9/6).