U.S. Funds Mobile Cranes In Yemen To Help Offload Humanitarian Supplies, Medicine In Country

USAID: Statement from USAID Administrator Mark Green on the Arrival of Mobile Cranes to Yemen
“The United States welcomes the arrival of four mobile cranes at Yemen’s Hudaydah port. Upon installation, these cranes, purchased by the World Food Programme with U.S. government funding, will offload essential supplies for the people of Yemen. … The arrival of the cranes is a positive step toward addressing a dire humanitarian situation. More than 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen, and the country is simultaneously facing the world’s largest food-security emergency and worst cholera outbreak. … Since Fiscal Year 2017, the United States has provided nearly $768 million in humanitarian assistance for Yemen. We remain committed to supporting the Yemeni people, but, ultimately, a political solution to this conflict is the only way to end their suffering and advance long-term stability in Yemen” (1/15).