U.S. Foreign Aid Saves Lives, Trump Administration Wrong To Cut Back, Melinda Gates Says

Financial Times: Melinda Gates hits out at Trump’s ‘alarming’ immigration views
“Melinda Gates has lashed out at President Donald Trump’s description of immigrants from Haiti and Africa as originating from ‘shithole’ countries, with the philanthropist and former Microsoft executive describing the widely reported comments as ‘alarming in every way.’ … Moreover, Mr. Trump’s comments are accompanied by what the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation believes is a strategic mistake by the administration to cut aid budgets as part of its ‘America First’ foreign policy. ‘To see an administration pull back … and not invest in the rest of the world, we just don’t think that’s the right direction,’ she says. ‘It is deeply concerning to Bill and me when we see a zero in the family planning line coming from this administration or cuts in foreign aid, when we know … foreign aid saves lives and is changing lives’…” (Donnan, 1/23).