U.S. COVID-19 Cases Pass 1M As Some States Ease Lockdowns; Syria, Yemen, Sudan Face Challenges As Pandemic Arrives; U.K. Deaths Could Be Twice Hospital Count


U.N. News: As pandemic encroaches on Abyei, tensions rise over disputed territory straddling Sudan, South Sudan (4/28).

U.N. News: Sudan: Coronavirus could be tipping point for ‘untold suffering,’ Bachelet urges sanctions relief (4/28).


NPR: Beijing Slams India’s ‘Unfair’ Decision To Cancel Chinese Antibody Testing Kit Order (Frayer, 4/28).

Vox: How China is ruthlessly exploiting the coronavirus pandemic it helped cause (Ward, 4/28).


Financial Times: Coronavirus deaths more than twice hospital toll, data indicate (Giles/Plimmer, 4/28).

Financial Times: Cancer deaths in England could soar by a fifth this year, UCL study says (Kelly, 4/28).

The Guardian: At least 12 U.K. children have needed intensive care due to illness linked to Covid-19 (Campbell/Sample, 4/27).


AP: El Salvador leader fights crime and virus, amid criticism (4/28).

NPR: Thousands Of Migrants Head Back To Venezuela To Flee Colombia’s COVID-19 Lockdown (Otis, 4/28).

Reuters: Latin America to see sharp increase in hunger, poverty: FAO (Cambero/Sherwood, 4/28).


AP: Rights group: COVID-19 supplies not reaching northeast Syria (Lederer, 4/28).

Reuters: Coronavirus probably circulating in Yemen, U.N. says, amid funding shortage (Barrington, 4/28).


STAT: Hospital demand for hydroxycholoroquine to treat Covid-19 patients is waning (Silverman, 4/28).

Vox: The U.S. has now passed 1 million confirmed Covid-19 cases (Scott, 4/28).

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top One Million as Some Lockdowns Ease (Calfas et al., 4/28).