U.S. Congress Should Maintain Commitment To Global Fund, Global Health Programs

The Hill: In global health, modest cuts do major damage
Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“…The White House’s proposed budget cuts would derail efforts to end the biggest infectious disease killers of our time: AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. … Will we forge ahead, invest strategically, and change the trajectory of disease, or step back and risk major resurgence of epidemics, potentially made worse by drug resistance? … How Congress responds to these proposals will affect the lives of millions, and every dollar matters. … Even modest cuts to global health would have real and immediate human consequences. … This budget season, Congress must recommit to American leadership in ending AIDS, TB, and malaria by maintaining contributions to the Global Fund and bilateral health programs, at least at current levels. Slicing funding to these vital programs — which are among our greatest and most effective foreign policy successes — will take us off the path of progress against epidemic threats, risk disease resurgence, and sacrifice economic and diplomatic benefits. There is no area of the budget where every dollar matters more” (6/8).