U.S. Congress Must Be Prepared To Cut Funding To WHO’s International Agency For Research On Cancer

The Federalist: It’s High Time To Cut U.S. Funding For This Troubled International Cancer Agency
Julie Kelly, food policy writer, and Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research

“Since Donald Trump’s election, international bureaucracies that receive U.S. tax dollars have been on notice that our unchecked government largess to them is about to end. The World Health Organization is one example of a bloated, inefficient agency that is ripe for reform. … Congress has recently begun asking oversight questions about potential misconduct at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a WHO affiliate based in Lyon, France. … Now, the committee doing the investigation, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, is threatening to cut off federal funding until it gets answers. House leadership must recognize that this move comes not a moment too soon, and it must be prepared to back up the threat if necessary. … Given their brazen dismissals of any obligation to be transparent, Congress should immediately cut funding to the WHO and IARC to ensure that beneficiaries of our generosity use taxpayer dollars only for the legitimate purposes for which they were allocated” (12/19).