U.S. Army Working To Bring Virtual Health Care To Albanian Hospitals

The U.S. Army in a news article on its website reports on how it is working to “bring virtual health care to Albanian hospitals” through a telemedicine program that “aims to link different levels of health care to ensure a better functioning and sustainable system.” According to the article, “Currently, five of the 12 major regional hospitals in Albania are connected via a hub-and-spoke information technology system to the central e-heath center in Tirana,” and, “[b]y March of this year, three additional hospitals will have the infrastructure in place to connect to the network.”

“Once the renovations, funded by the U.S. European Command and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District, are complete, the Albanian hospitals will be linked through a virtual network enabling high-quality, uniform health care for all citizens,” the article states, adding, “The telemedicine network will enable health care professionals to conduct e-learning, consultations and even diagnose patients from a distance” (Aldridge, 1/11).