U.N. Responds To Challenging Humanitarian Situation in Syria

News outlets report on the U.N.’s response to the challenging humanitarian situation in Syria.

U.N. News Centre: First U.N. report on children in Syria’s civil war paints picture of ‘unspeakable’ horrors
“Syrian children have been subjected to ‘unspeakable’ suffering in the nearly three years of civil war, with the government and allied militia responsible for countless killings, maiming and torture, and the opposition for recruiting youngsters for combat and using terror tactics in civilian areas, according to the first United Nations report on the issue. ‘Violations must come to an end now,’ Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in the report, which was released [Monday] to the Security Council. ‘I therefore urge all parties to the conflict to take, without delay, all measures to protect and uphold the rights of all children in Syria’…” (2/4).

U.N. News Centre: New U.N. airlift ships food from Iraq to 30,000 Syrians cut off on land by civil war
“The United Nations [Tuesday] began a new airlift from Iraq to feed nearly 30,000 displaced people in a conflict-torn region of northeast Syria where road access has been cut off for over six months and no significant relief deliveries have arrived overland since last May…” (2/4).

Wall Street Journal: West Wants U.N. to Press Syria on Allowing Aid Flow
“Western powers started a new push for the United Nations to compel Syria’s regime to allow humanitarian aid into besieged areas, but the top U.N. official in Damascus warned the effort might backfire…” (Dagher, 2/4).