U.N. Officials Call On Warring Parties In Syria To Allow Unfettered Humanitarian Aid Access

Media outlets report on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria.

Foreign Policy: Syria’s War on Medicine
“…Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Syrian government has conducted a multi-pronged assault on the country’s medical system, targeting doctors suspected of treating its opponents, bombing hospitals, clinics and blood banks in opposition areas, and denying deliveries of life-saving medical supplies to rebel-held areas…” (Lynch, 4/24).

New York Times: Diplomatic Efforts on Syria Have Failed, U.N. Chiefs Say
“Two months after the United Nations Security Council ordered Syria’s warring parties to allow access for humanitarian aid to civilians, the heads of five United Nations agencies warned on Wednesday that diplomacy had failed and that the desperate plight of civilians in many parts of the country was getting worse…” (Cumming-Bruce, 4/23).

U.N. News Centre: Syria: U.N. chiefs issue impassioned plea to save besieged civilians
“Calling urgently on Syrian authorities and the opposition to allow aid access, end siege warfare and halt the indiscriminate bombing of civilians, the top United Nations humanitarian officials today also issued a strong challenge to ‘those with the responsibility, power and influence’ to find the courage to re-energize a thus-far failed diplomatic push to end the brutal three-year conflict…” (4/23).