U.K. Defends £200M Pledge For Humanitarian Aid To Nigeria, Viewed By Some As 50% Drop From 2017 Budget

BBC News: Britain’s Priti Patel urges others to help Nigeria
“Britain is to reduce the amount of money it is giving as humanitarian aid to Nigeria over the next few years. The aid worth £200m ($258m) over the next four years is a 50 percent drop from the £100m it gave in 2017…” (8/31).

The Guardian: DFID defends £200m aid budget for Nigeria over next four years
“…The projected average annual funding of £50m in that time period falls short of the £100m pledged to Nigeria for 2017. But DFID played down the suggestion that the new pledge amounted to a halving of the annual budget, claiming the additional funding was part of a £300m five-year package…” (Summers/Wintour, 8/31).