Trump Administration Signs Onto Several Consensus Documents At G7, Including On Gender, Africa

VOA News: At G7, Trump Dumps Climate But Agrees on Gender, Africa
“At a contentious summit where the United States stood apart from allies on many issues, including the Amazon fires, Russian membership, and the tariff war with China, U.S. President Donald Trump did agree to support several Group of Seven initiatives, despite reports that his administration considered them ‘niche issues.’ A senior administration official confirmed to VOA that the Trump administration signed several consensus documents, particularly in the area of gender equality, partnership with Africa, and digital transformation. The United States did not sign on to a $20 million aid offer from the G7 to help the government of Brazil fight the Amazon rainforest fires. … While analysts applaud that Ivanka Trump is continuing a long-standing U.S. policy to support gender equality worldwide, they point out to the fact that women’s economic empowerment is closely tied to reproductive rights, an area where the Trump administration has restrictive policies…” (Widakuswara, 8/30).