Trump Administration, Congress Should Continue Support For Global Fund

Houston Chronicle: Global Fund is effective in improving world health
Michael Winters, a Houston volunteer with RESULTS

“…Over the past 20 years, the United States has led the investment for global health during both Republican and Democratic administrations and Congresses. … The results of U.S. investment in global health are encouraging. … AIDS is dramatically declining. Malaria, largely through the provision of insecticide-treated bed nets, is decreasing. … Tuberculosis, an ancient scourge, has been decreasing as well. As these diseases become better-controlled, there may be a tendency to conclude that we can decrease funding to fight them. But, of course, when funding is decreased, the incidence of disease rises again. … Decreasing funding to fight killers such as AIDS, TB, and malaria now would be tantamount to saying that we are winning the battle, so let’s pull our troops back from the front line. We have come a long way in reducing these diseases. We must continue adequate funding of the Global Fund so that we can eliminate the threats of AIDS, TB, and malaria forever” (3/27).