TRF Publishes Articles Examining FGM In Asia, Use Of Soap Operas To Stop Practice In Sudan

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Singapore comes under pressure over female genital cutting of babies
“Medical clinics in Singapore are carrying out female genital cutting on babies, according to people with first-hand experience of the procedure, despite growing global condemnation of the practice which world leaders have pledged to eradicate. … [I]ts existence in Singapore, a wealthy island state which prides itself on being a modern, cosmopolitan city with high levels of education, shows the challenge of tackling a practice rooted in culture, tradition, and a desire to belong…” (Batha, 10/12).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Factbox: The hidden cut: female genital mutilation in Asia
“…A U.N. report on female genital mutilation (FGM) this year listed 30 countries where cutting is practiced, almost all in Africa. However, campaigners believe FGM happens in at least 45 countries and is more widespread in Asia than commonly thought. … Here are some Asian countries affected by FGM…” (Batha, 10/12).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Soap operas could help end female genital cutting: scientists
“Soap operas could be a powerful new tool in changing attitudes around female genital cutting, researchers said on Wednesday, following a study in Sudan where the ritual remains deeply entrenched. The social scientists said their findings suggest that using popular entertainment could be an effective alternative to harsher approaches like criminalization in persuading communities to abandon the harmful practice…” (Malo, 10/12).