Tests Show Tainted Medication Responsible For Indian Sterilization Campaign Deaths; State Recalls Pills As Company Denies Contamination

News outlets report on various issues surrounding the deaths of 13 women who took part in a government-sponsored Indian sterilization campaign, including autopsy and drug testing results and the history of sterilization programs in the country.

Al Jazeera: Why Indian women are victims of sterilization ‘cattle camps’ (De Bode, 11/14).
Financial Times: India’s efforts to control its population are still stuck in the past (Kazmin, 11/14).
New York Times: Post-Mortems of Victims Point to Tainted Medication in India Sterilization Deaths (Raj/Barry, 11/13).
New York Times: Indian State Recalls Pills Linked to Sterilization Deaths (Raj/Barry, 11/14).
Reuters: Rat poison chemical found in pills linked to Chhattisgarh sterilization deaths (Kalra/Shah, 11/15).
Reuters: Company denies rat poison in pills linked to India sterilization deaths (Shah, 11/16).
Reuters: Sterilization deaths expose India’s struggle with faulty drugs (Kalra, 11/14).