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Doctor Involved With Indian Sterilization Campaign That Killed 13 Women Arrested

News outlets continue to report on the deaths of 13 women who took part in a mass sterilization campaign in India. A doctor involved in the campaign has been arrested, and investigations are ongoing into the cause of the women’s deaths and the hospitalizations of dozens of others.

The Guardian: India mass sterilization: ‘my wife died in tremendous pain’ (Burke, 11/12).
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Reuters: Women face hasty surgery, dirty clinics in Indian sterilization drive (Kalra, 11/12).
Reuters: Tainted drugs suspected in Indian sterilization surgery deaths (Kalra, 11/13).
Wall Street Journal: Indian Sterilization Deaths a Sign of Women’s Lack of Options (Anand, 11/12).
Washington Post: Deaths shine light on ‘horrible’ conditions in India’s mass sterilization camps (Gowen, 11/12).
Washington Post: Doctor arrested after botched sterilization at India camp kills 13 (Gowen, 11/13).