Sustained, Proactive Biomedical Research Investment Essential To Preventing Future Outbreaks

CNBC: Here’s how we prevent the next killer virus
Claire Pomeroy, president of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

“…The lesson from Ebola — and before that, from HIV/AIDS — should have been that research to find treatments and vaccines requires sustained, proactive investment. The alternative, i.e., formulating solutions in the heat of a health crisis, is dangerously inadequate; reacting to each outbreak instead of consistently funding research means that we will always be behind, never ahead of the crisis. … Instead of shuttering labs and cutting back on promising research, we need to spend the money now and [sustain funding] into the future — proactively — to understand more about basic virology, immunology, and epidemiology; to develop vaccine platforms; and to translate those insights into development of new vaccines and therapies…” (4/4).