Singapore’s Dengue Fever Outbreak May Continue To Worsen, Authorities Warn

“Authorities in Singapore are warning that Singapore’s most deadly outbreak of dengue fever since 2005 could get worse, after the disease claimed its seventh victim despite a vigorous effort by the government to control the epidemic,” the Wall Street Journal’s “Southeast Asia Real Time” blog reports. “More than 20,000 cases of the tropical, mosquito-borne disease have been identified in Singapore so far in 2013,” the blog writes, adding, “In recent months the National Environment Agency, or NEA, has continued to boost measures to bring the rate of infection down by asking for public suggestions about how to make the fight against dengue more fun and engaging, particularly for children.” The blog notes “Singapore is not alone in battling the latest outbreak. Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea have all reported a wider incidence of the disease this year” (Watts, 11/23).