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Singapore Reports Recent Surge In Number Of Dengue Fever Infections

“Singapore has reported a jump in dengue fever infections in recent weeks, and the epidemic is likely to drag on for a few months longer than usual, according to experts,” the Wall Street Journal’s “South East Asia Real Time” blog reports. With more than 16,000 cases reported so far this year, “the outbreak in terms of infections has proven to be the worst on record,” according to the blog. “The five deaths this year, however, are less than the previous worst year, 2005, when 27 people died and 14,006 people were infected,” the blog writes. “No vaccine or specific treatment is available for dengue, although a [WHO] official says a vaccine may be available as early as next year,” according to the blog. In Singapore, which is still in peak dengue season, “the government has stepped up its educational campaign to try to prevent breeding of mosquitoes and is advising people likely to be exposed to the virus to use repellents,” the blog states (Raghuvanshi, 9/15).