Sierra Leone Ends 3-Day Ebola Lockdown; Authorities Identify More Than 150 Cases

News outlets report on a three-day nationwide lockdown that ended on Sunday night, with authorities identifying more than 150 Ebola cases.

BBC News: Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone lockdown declared ‘success’
“A three-day curfew aimed at containing the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone has been declared a success by authorities. The wide-ranging curfew ended at midnight on Sunday (GMT) and will not be extended, authorities said…” (9/22).

CNN: Sierra Leone ends 3-day nationwide Ebola lockdown
“…Under the plan, no one was allowed to leave their homes for three days, allowing volunteers to go door-to-door educating people on the deadly virus. More than 75 percent of the targeted 1.5 million households were contacted, according to the Health Ministry…” (Ford, 9/22).

NPR: 3-Day Ebola Lockdown Ends In Sierra Leone
“…Now the lockdown is over, but the emergency is not. And as part of its broader effort to contain the disease, the country launched a new ambulance dispatch center. It’s in the capital, Freetown, and NPR’s Anders Kelto went there…” (9/22).

Reuters: Sierra Leone burial team attacked despite lockdown
“A team burying Ebola victims was attacked in Sierra Leone’s capital on Saturday, a member of parliament said, as a small group defied a three-day lockdown aimed at halting the worst outbreak of the disease on record…” (Fofana, 9/21).

TIME: Ebola Lockdown in Sierra Leone Finds 150 New Cases
“A three-day lockdown meant to contain the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone ended late Sunday night with officials hailing it as a ‘huge success’ after health workers found almost 100 victims who perished from the disease and another 56 who have been infected…” (Bajekal, 9/22).