Several Ebola Workers Killed In Attack In DRC; U.N. Warns Violence Threatens Humanitarian, Medical Response

AP: Rebel attacks in eastern Congo kill several Ebola responders
“Rebels killed four Ebola response workers in an overnight ambush in eastern Congo, the World Health Organization said Thursday, warning that the attack will give the waning outbreak new momentum in what has been called a war zone…” (Maliro/Anna, 11/28).

NPR: ‘It Was Unmistakably A Directed Attack’: 4 Ebola Workers Killed In Congo
“…A World Health Organization official on Thursday described the killings as ‘unmistakably a directed attack at the [Ebola] response.’ The dead include a vaccinator and two drivers stationed at Biakato Mines — an Ebola response camp used by WHO, government officials, UNICEF and other aid agencies — while a police officer died in the attack on a health coordination office in the small town of Mangina. No WHO staff died; one was among the injured…” (Dwyer, 11/28).

U.N. News: Violence in DR Congo Ebola hotspot leaves people ‘caught in crossfire’
“Attacks on communities in an Ebola outbreak hotspot in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have sparked a humanitarian crisis and threatened aid distribution, the U.N. said on Friday, amid reports of serious civil unrest…” (11/29).

Additional coverage of the violence impacting the Ebola outbreak response in DRC is available from Devex, The Guardian, NPR, Reuters, STAT, U.N. News, and Wall Street Journal.