Improved Security, Better Communication, Political Will Needed To Protect Ebola Workers, All Humanitarian Operations, WHO DG Writes In Opinion Piece

The Guardian: Ebola responders face deadly attacks. We must step up security in DRC
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization

“…So far in 2019, WHO has documented about 390 attacks on health facilities in DRC, which have killed 11 and injured 83 healthcare workers and patients, including those targeted in Biakato and Mangina. … Health workers dedicated to helping their neighbors should not be confronted by such violence and fear. Instead, they should feel the satisfaction of saving someone from Ebola and the joy of reuniting their patients with their families. We need to do more to keep them safe, because if they cannot access the hotbeds of the outbreak, more people will become infected and die. We cannot allow that to happen. To do this requires action on three fronts: stepped-up security, effective dialogue at community level, and a clear demonstration of political will to protect humanitarian operations…” (12/10).