Save The Children Report Describes State Of Syria’s Collapsing Health System

News outlets report on Save the Children’s new report (.pdf) released Monday on the state of Syria’s collapsing health care system.

New York Times: Report Cites ‘Devastating Toll’ on Health of Syria’s Children
“The Syrian civil war’s impact on the health of Syria’s children is far more insidious than has been widely understood, a leading children’s advocacy group reported Sunday, with large numbers dying or at risk from chronic and preventable diseases that have flourished because the country’s public health system has basically collapsed…” (Gladstone, 3/9).

Reuters: Save the Children describes health care disaster in Syria
“…[A] new report published on Monday paints a dire picture of Syria’s collapsing health care system. … In its report, Save the Children described the fallout from the collapse of the medical system as ‘horrific,’ as remaining hospitals and medical staff struggle to treat hundreds of thousands of people wounded by the fighting…” (Dziadosz, 3/9).